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It is “Smart Banking” at its best! We seek to optimize your relationship with foreign banks. We will help you to get as much as possible from your bank - and to pay as little as possible!

Специалисты SMARTGEN BANKING обладают

Our specialists have an extensive expertise and vast experience in both international banking (over 20 years in senior positions in banking structures in Switzerland and Israel) and investment consulting.


With our deep knowledge of all the subtleties and nuances of modern banking and its regulations, we will gladly help you to go through the compliance procedure, open a bank account in Europe or Israel, complete the monetary transaction you need, as well as do our best to optimize your bank expenses.


In addition, we will carry out a thorough professional analysis and audit of your investment portfolio and provide you with recommendations as to upgrading its structure.

And remember: You only pay for success and only once, but enjoy the savings for many years!

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